Sunday, January 02, 2005

Wartime Economy

Today I bought an issue of the New York Times from Saturday, December 27, 1941. There is a banner headline that reads: Tanks and Artillery Battle South of Manila; New Enemy Force 175 Miles Above Singapore Churchill Predicts Huge Allied Drive in 1943. The paper contains the text of Churchill's address to the US Congress.

Below the fold is an article that highlights the extent to which a wartime economy is not a market economy. The title reads "Rationing Bars New Tires for Many Business Autos."

All the nation's average motorists - including even travelling salesmen, taxi drivers and residents of isolated rural areas lacking other transportation - will be prohibited from buying new automobile tires under eligibility requirements established to day for the government's new tire rationing program.

The the issuance of tire purchase certificates except to owners of motor vehicles which fall within seven sharply defined chassifications covering essential services for health, safety, and industrial and commercial operations.


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