Monday, February 14, 2005

4,935 years of retirement

According to this article, people born within 100 years from now will live to 5,000. I really don't see why not, given all the advances in our understanding of aging.

The article also hits on the immediate question that pops into my mind: how do you fund retirement when the lifespan is so uncertain, not to mention long? Will a privileged class be able to live these exorbitant lifespans, while an underclass of mortals cleans up their mess, generation after generation? How will the overpopulation problem be dealt with? (I don't usually think there will be an overpopulation problem, but 5000 years is a long time to be alive)

I think the types of surprises that we will see in our lifetimes will be just astonishing. Let's hope that society's institutions can keep up with the implications of advancing science.

Via Arts and Letters Daily


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