Sunday, February 06, 2005

It was just a coincidence...

The New York Times: China Denies It Had a Role in Sale of Yukos Gas Unit: "oil"

The Chinese now claim the had nothing to do with the sale of Yuganskneftegas.
Rosneft issued a qualified denial, saying on Wednesday that it received a $6 billion prepayment as part of a long-term oil supply contract with the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation, but that the money was not intended to buy Yuganskneftegas.

"Rosneft in fact agreed to supply oil to China through 2010 for an advance payment of $6 billion, and the transaction in fact involves Russian and Chinese financial institutions, including Vneshekonombank," Rosneft said in an e-mail statement. "But this money, which has been received already, isn't linked to the Yuganskneftegas acquisition."



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